Fixtures, results and standings

Ten teams plays a round-robin i.e. each team will play nine games.


Standings round-robin

1The Danish Vikings98157
2The Band96355
3Team Stand-In96344
7Team Mammut94537
8Steal The Beer93632
9Team AaAa92728

* means team has hammer in the first end and plays red rocks. (minor changes may be done up to the start of the competition)

GSO 2019

Bra drag* vs The Band
G.B. vs Frogtown CC*
Team Stand-In* vs Steal The Beer
The Band vs The Danish Vikings*
G.B.* vs Bra drag
Team Stand-In* vs Mix max
Steal The Beer* vs Team AaAa
Team AaAa* vs Team Mammut
G.B.* vs The Band
Frogtown CC* vs Mix max
Bra drag* vs Team Stand-In
Frogtown CC* vs Steal The Beer
Team Mammut vs Mix max*
The Danish Vikings vs Team AaAa*
Team AaAa* vs Team Stand-In
The Danish Vikings* vs Frogtown CC
Bra drag* vs Team Mammut
Steal The Beer* vs Mix max
The Band* vs Frogtown CC
Steal The Beer* vs Bra drag
The Danish Vikings* vs Mix max
Team AaAa* vs G.B.
The Band* vs Steal The Beer
Team Mammut* vs G.B.
Team AaAa* vs Bra drag
The Danish Vikings* vs Team Stand-In
Steal The Beer* vs The Danish Vikings
Team Mammut* vs Team Stand-In
Mix max* vs The Band
Frogtown CC* vs Team AaAa
Team Mammut* vs The Danish Vikings
The Band* vs Team AaAa
Team Stand-In* vs G.B.
Bra drag* vs Frogtown CC
G.B.* vs Mix max
Team Stand-In* vs Frogtown CC
Team Mammut* vs Steal The Beer
Bra drag* vs The Danish Vikings
Mix max* vs Team AaAa
Team Mammut* vs The Band
G.B.* vs Steal The Beer
Mix max* vs Bra drag
The Band* vs Team Stand-In
Team Mammut vs Frogtown CC*
G.B.* vs The Danish Vikings
FINAL: The Danish Vikings* vs The Band
BRONZE: Team Stand-In* vs Mix max
Bra drag   0-9 0-9 5-4 0-9 0-9
Frogtown CC   2-7 9-0 9-0
G.B. 3-6 0-9   6-3 6-3 2-7 4-5
Mix max 7-2   6-3 2-7
Steal The Beer 7-2 0-9   5-4 2-7
Team AaAa 9-0 2-7   0-9 0-9
Team Mammut 7-2 2-7 5-4 0-9   0-9 3-6 2-7
Team Stand-In 2-7 5-4 5-4 7-10 5-4  
The Band 9-0 7-2 2-7 4-5   4-5
The Danish Vikings 7-2 2-7 6-3 9-0 15-2