Rules, system of play and prizes

Round robin format where all teams play each other i.e. nine games per team. The two top teams qualify for the FINAL and teams placed third and fourth qualify for the BRONZE game.

Each game is played over four ends. (FINAL and BRONZE, 6 ends) – Each game is worth 9 skins points. 1st-3rd end is worth 2 skins each, and 4th end is worth 3 skins. 5th and 6th end in final/bronze game is worth 4 skins each.

The skins value of the end is won if the team with hammer scores 2 points or more, or if the team without hammer steals.

If an end is blanked or team with hammer only scores 1 point, the other team will chose if it wants the hammer for next end and the skins value will be carried over to the next end. If this happens in the last end of the game, the remaining skins will be decided by a single meassured draw to the button.

The team with hammer in last end will start with the draw to the button. A game is not over when a team has theoretically lost. Both teams must compete for the remaining skins.

Teams will be ranked in round robin based on:
1) Wins
2) Skins won
3) Head-to-head record
4) Coin flip

Team marked with “*” has hammer in the first end and plays red rocks. In the FINAL and BRONZE games, highest ranked teams have hammer and play red rocks.

Teams are expected to use only WCF approved sweeping pads. Exceptions may be granted at the descretion of the Tournament Director.


A majority of the prizes at Gothenburg Skins Open are won through winning skins. It is therefore important to always keep on fighting! 🙂

Each won skins is worth SEK 30. In addition the following bonuses will apply:

Winner: 1 500 SEK
2nd place: 1 000 SEK
3rd place: 500 SEK

The best dressed team will win a secret prize in the “Best Outfit Award”