Teams are ranked within the group based on:

  1. Number of points
  2. Number of wins
  3. Draw Shot Challenge (DSC) (counting the team’s 5 best shots from the LSD)

(Note that the LSD for the last group stage match in group A, (consisting of five teams), will not count towards the DSC, but only used to determine the stone color and hammer.)

For the play-offs the group winners will be ranked 1-3, second placed 4-6 and the two third placed teams 7-8. Ranking between teams from different groups will be based on the DSC.

The following table provides an overview of the teams’ LSDs.

TeamG1-LSD1G1-LSD2G2-LSD1G2-LSD2G3-LSD1G3-LSD2TotalDSC (5 best shots)
DEN Wiksten/Wiksten29,491,7108,8185,426,267,4508,9323,5
LIT Jurkute/Rymeikis3,6185,4185,417,580,3147,7619,9434,5
RUS Gadzhikanov/Biktimirova73,535,176,313,319,358,2275,7199,4
SWE Fransson/Köhn185,4185,49,261,79,61,0452,3266,9
SWE Osbjer/Hanna185,440,0185,4105,417,30533,5348,1
DEN Jensen/Berger152,0150,517,216,643,860,3440,4288,4
LAT Regza/Regza148,248,3100,590,723,039,5450,2302
NOR Rønning/Brænden96,82,9102,7133,34,739,9380,3247
SWE Team Moen Sports45,353,9185,47,615,331,9339,4154
EST Turmann/Lill43,8115,366,944,448,3102,4421,1305,8
LIT Iceproof185,462,5185,4185,4185,442,3846,4661
POL Bylina/Nowakowski11,5185,4109004,4310,3124,9
SWE Westman/Ahlberg5,226,617,24,648,2109,1210,9101,8